Buying and selling a home

This page offers answers to frequently asked questions and information for buying or selling a property at Brockwell Gate.

    Who deals with sales on behalf of Brockwell Gate Management Company Limited (BGMCL)?

Sales of properties at Brockwell Gate are handled by Wellers Law Group LLP. If you are selling, please instruct your solicitor to contact Wellers Law Group.

Please note that under the terms of the lease for flats, and transfer for houses, Service Charges are due in full on the 1st January each year. Therefore, you should ensure you settle the current year's service charge and any outstanding charges from previous years in full before commencing the sales process. Please contact for advice regarding settling your service charge account.

The contact details for Wellers are:

Wellers Law Group LLP,
Tenison House,
Tweedy Road,

Telephone: 020 8464 4242
Fax: 020 8464 6033
DX: 5713 Bromley

Website: (opens in new window)

    Who is the Freeholder for the flats at Brockwell Gate?

The Freeholder / Lessor is:

Backfold Limited,

Molteno House,
302 Regents Park Road,
N3 2JX

Their Agents are Estates and Management Limited, and all freeholder / lessor enquiries should be made via Estates and Management at:

Telephone: 020 8371 2800
Fax: 020 8371 2949

Website: (opens in new window)

    Service Charge - due on 1st January each year

The Service charge is payable to Brockwell Gate Management Company Limited under the terms of the leases and transfers, and is due on the 1st of January.

    Service Charge payment details

Full payment instructions are sent out each year with the invoices. If you do have a question about service charge payment, please email

    How is the Service Charge calculated ?

The service charge is an estimate of the costs for the following year and as such cannot be exact.

There are two elements to the service charge, re-current expenditure and planned maintenance funds.

Re-current expenditure is expenditure on those items which reoccur each year. Any difference from year to year is based on known or anticipated changes in expenditure due to inflation or market conditions.

Planned maintenance funds are held to cover necessary maintenance expenditure. Funds are created to meet the expected expenditure over the maintenance cycle. The funds are amortised so that there is level charging over the maintenance cycle.

Thus changes in the service charge from year to year would be expected to be due to changes in re-current expenditure. The exception will be when changing maintenance cycles or a significant under budgeting for maintenance expenditure.

    Who do I pay Ground Rent to ?

For flats only, ground rent is payable to the Freeholder's agent, Estates and Management, due 1st January each year. The Freeholder's agent sends out invoices at the end of the year ready for the start of the next calendar year. The amount of the charge varies according to the size of the flat being leased.

    How do I obtain a receipt for Ground Rent payments?

Please visit Estates and Management's dedicated webpage for advice here.